How We Started/Our History

pictures of old building and new building


Our Church Origins

The pictures on this website show a spacious interior of our church in the midst of an industrial area in Toronto, Ontario. But don't let that fool you. Lao Canadian Evangelical Mennonite Church first began as just a small group of people worshipping and following the Anabaptist faith in Chinda Kommala's small living room. As the group grew, so too did the relationships and networks grow with fellow Mennonites.

From the beginning we've worked with Pastor Dale Bauman, who helped to establish LCEMC to what we are today through his preaching and guidance. We established more relationships and ties with other churches: Drayton Community Mennonite Fellowship (CMF), Steinmann Mennonite Church, and Wanner Mennonite Church. These associations have led us to meet so many amazing people, including Jason Martin, who served as an assistant pastor and as our youth leader until 2014.

We have done worship services in many different places, starting from a cramped living room to where we are now, in the heart of the Emery Village neighbourhood of Toronto. Our first building was located in the office space of a rice warehouse where we stayed for over five years. Soon, as we grew, we found our space to be too cramped and crowded. After years of searching and prayer, we found our answer just down the street in another industrial area.

With the help and support of many—including that of the congregation to paint and re-upholster—we opened our doors on September 26, 2010 where you'll find us today on the corner of Finch and Weston. We are always open to visitors and newcomers, so feel free to join us any Sunday morning for worship and song.