Toronto United Lao Mennonite Church joins Lao Canadian Evangelical to great joy

Pastor Brian speaks at Christmas 2011, TULMC merger service 

We are happy to announce that Toronto United Lao Mennonite Church (TULMC) has officially joined Lao Canadian Evangelical Mennonite Church (LCEMC). Although TULMC has been worshipping with us since September 2011, the official celebration took place on December 11, 2011 alongside with our Christmas celebration. Pastor Jason Martin expresses his happiness for this merger. He said, "My feeling about TULMC joining LCEMC is first of all, great joy. I think apart the two congregations could have served God faithfully, but together we are much stronger and can do twice as much together as apart. Both congregations were 'small' so having them join together also makes sense from a purely practical standpoint."

The day was filled with joy and excitement. The congregation celebrated the birth of Christ and the merger with a message from Pastor Brian Bauman and the congregation officially thanked Pastors Dale and Gerald Good for their years of service.

When asked about this momentous merger and why it happened, Pastor Jason replied, "When I sat with representatives from both congregations a few months back when the decision was made to come together, every single person around the table expressed joy and thanks to God for the amalgamation. To me, that indicated that coming together was the right thing and the right time!"

View some pictures of this eventful day

(The Canadian Mennonite Magazine has also written an article about this event.)


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